Mornings are usually the busiest time of the day. We have to do many things: get up, get dressed, have a breakfast and take a shower. Men are lucky. They at least don’t have to spend time for make up and hair style. But women need to have their hair done almost every morning. And it’s great to have a convenient device to do a hairstyle without spending long hours. Izunami 450 Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron, 1 Inch heats in less then 30 seconds. Just turn it on and start using it. It heats immediately to 450F.

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On this high temperature it will not only straighten your hair but also take care if its treatment and your hair will look even better. The disengagement system of this device will maintain set temperature. The ceramic plates provide even heating and prevent creation of hot spots. Izunami 450 Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron, 1 Inch combines the function of straightening hair and curling it. It’s available thanks to the smooth design. This hair straightener will give you an opportunity to vary your hair style according to your needs and preferences. Women would agree that it’s really nice to change the hair style and catch admiring men’s eyes.

This device has an additional setting such as sleep mode. When it’s not operated for more than 30 minutes it will automatically turn to this mode and also will use less energy. It will remind you that it is in sleep mode and you need to whether turn it on and use or turn it finally off.