The proven modularity principle which has always been a distinguishing feature of 
ARBURG’s injection molding machines are the Lossburg machine manufacturer’s answer to the question presently under debate “Electric or hydraulic injection moulding machines?”. The company is now offering this modular component system for drive axes. 

ARBURG is able to cover the whole spectrum from fully-hydraulic to fully-electric machines with its modular drive technology system. 

Starting from the proven fully-hydraulic ALLROUNDER, the next stage is the
ALLROUNDER C advance special model which is fitted with electro-mechanical 
dosage drive as well as hydraulic features…the ARBURG energy-saving system 
AES and the position-regulated screw. 

Injection Moulding Machines

The next stage is represented by the new machine series ALLROUNDER
ALLDRIVE. The three main axes…opening and closing the plastic mold, injection and dosing…all have the servo-electric drive, whereas the drives for the auxiliary axes can be selected freely. In this way, the ALLROUNDER A can be modified to the extent of an all-electric machine.

Years of experience

ARBURG has been involved with electric drives for many years. The 
ALLROUNDER 200 was fitted with electric dosage drive as early as the beginning 
of the 1960s. The company has been working intensively on electric drives for all 
its injection moulding machine axes over the last few years and presented a 
fully-electric machine as a prototype at the K 95 Show. 

The ALLROUNDER ALLDRIVE then followed at K 2001 with modular drive 
technology and the advance special model was presented at the ARBURG 
Technology Days 2002. 

Special model…an attractive way to begin

With the special model ALLROUNDER advance, which is technologically based on 
the C series, ARBURG has a complete package in its range which is an 
economically attractive way to enter the world of electric drives, not only due to its 
interesting cost/ performance ratio.

The advance special model is fitted with the electro-mechanical dosage drive, 
which has been available as an option for all ARBURG machines for many years 
and has been successfully introduced into the market. 

In addition to this, the energy-saving system AES with frequency-regulated pump 
drive and a position-regulated screw is also a decisive feature of the 

The advantages of this machine are a higher level of repeatability, a reduction in 
cycle time as well as energy-optimised injection moulding. 

An ALLROUNDER 420 C 1000-350 advance with 1,000 kN clamping force was the 
first machine of this kind presented at the Technology Days. The special model is 
on offer within the C series, beginning with the ALLROUNDER 270 C with 300 kN 
clamping force all the way up to the ALLROUNDER 520 C with a clamping force of 
2,000 kN. 

New series with modular drive technology

The new series ALLDRIVE, the first example of which is the ALLROUNDER 420 A 
800-400 with 800 kN clamping force, is ARBURG’s next step of electric drives. 

All the drives on this machine are servo-electrically designed; this includes 
opening and closing the mould and injection functions in addition to dosing. 

The drives for the auxiliary axes can be operated either hydraulically or electrically, 
depending on customer requirements. In this way moulds which need a hydraulic 
core pull can be used on an ALLROUNDER A, without any difficulties. The 
ALLROUNDER A can be equipped fully-electrically if required by the customer. 

The new ALLDRIVE series concept combines the advantages of both systems. 
The machines have sufficient hydraulic power at their disposal exactly where it is 
needed and they have the highest level of electro-mechanic accuracy coupled with 
economic energy consumption wherever feasible for whatever the production 

Tailor-made solution

With these products ARBURG is able to cover the entire range from fully-hydraulic 
to fully-electric injection moulding machines. Thanks to their modularity the 
machine construction company can always provide its customers with the 
opportunity to configure a machine, tailor-made for the individual production 
requirements. Customers do not have to choose a fixed system and so accept 
options which they may not use; instead they can select the appropriate 
components from the ARBURG range of modular drive technology, thereby taking 
advantage of the benefits which suit their production requirement.