Die Casting Engineering

The engineering and design stage is where important decisions are made that can have a dramatic effect on the cost and function of any die casting parts. The input of our people who have years of expertise in the industry have a huge impact on the success of our designs. We have an engineering and design department that have many years of experience. We take great pride in our ability to engineer and develop products for our customers that are cost effective, consistent, and functional and of high quality. Engineering and design is the intellectual value that can keep a company very competitive in todayĆ­s world marketplace.

We have a well-educated experienced engineering staff with a variety of backgrounds. We have numerous success stories relating to what we have been able to do for our customers regarding cost reductions and product improvements. Our expertise in tool design is critical to achieving the desired results from the dies. Die life and part quality are very important to reducing costs.

Gate, vent and overflow design as well as in depth flow analysis are all very important in reducing porosity and producing a high quality part. Die performance and condition is monitored very closely. Our customers are kept well informed of tool condition through our monthly reports. We have an extensive die dcasting tooling maintenance program that is crucial to extending die life and thus reducing our customer’s cost per part.

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