What is our die casting Capabilities

From Raw Metals to Precision die casting Parts

Your raw ideas, the Earth’s raw metals, and Fivestar Die Casting’s expert engineering makes precisely finished parts from zinc or aluminum.

Fivestar Die Casting can cast miniature zinc die casting parts up to 800-ton-press aluminum parts, using hot-chambered or cold-chambered processes.

Although the casting industry has been around since the bronze ages, automation has enhanced zinc and aluminum casting in the new millennium. Fivestar Die Casting uses advanced precision design technology and robotics to make the process of casting parts safer, less expensive, and faster.

Following the die casting process, the parts are machined and assembled, deburred, painted, and plated. When you receive your die casting parts, you don’t need to arrange additional processing for line ready conditions.

Buhler 800 Ton
HPM 600 Ton
HPM 400 Ton
HPM 250 Ton
Fisher Miniature
X-ray machine
Cordax 1000
Optical comparator
Impact CMM

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