Our Mission

Fivestar Die Casting is a die casting China supplier with the ability to produce line ready parts in a JIT environment. We specialize in producing parts from zinc and aluminum in many sizes from miniature zinc parts to 800-ton-press aluminum parts.

Your Profit Begins in Manufacturing.

The challenge is the production of a quality part at a low cost. How can this be done? Our intent is to work with you in the concept stage. Understanding the functionality and the intention of the part will allow for assistance in selecting the proper metal, identifying finishing needs, and selecting the proper tooling.

Die design is key to die life and cost control. Early participation in the conceptual phase is key as the die is a critical investment for any purpose.

After we’ve developed the mold, the initial production process is laid out.

State of the Art Automation and Robotics. Our efficient automation is incorporated wherever there is the potential to insure lowest cost and consistent quality levels.

State of the Art Manufacturing Scheduling. Demand flow techniques are incorporated throughout the manufacturing process to produce what you want and deliver when you need it.

Versatile Finishing Services. We can deliver your parts line ready, because we offer services for machining, plating, painting, and whatever else you may need to achieve line ready parts at your facility. Ask us!

Your Satisfaction Comes from our Working Environment. We maintain a safe, clean working environment. Our goal in the sales, design, engineering, and manufacturing departments is to meet your intentions for the development, application, cost, quality, schedule, and delivery of your die casting parts.






Low cost through automation.

Engineering and automation increase consistency.

Casting begins as your bin empties.
“Demand Flow.”

Finished parts. Expected time, quantity and quality.Safe, clean working environment.

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